Jedforest Trails

Bike, Walk and Ride


Jedforest Trails is a group made up of volunteers from the local community who came together to develop a multi user path network around Jedburgh for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

About us and our funding

Who are Jedforest Trails?

Jedforest Trails is a group made up of volunteers from the local community. We are a non profit making, fully constituted group who meet on a monthly basis to develop a multi user path network around Jedburgh for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. We have people in our group who are interested in mountain biking, walking and horse riding, but we are always looking for more people to join the group, so if you are interested then please contact us. Please see the News page for details of our next meeting.

Our history

The project was started in 2000 when the idea to develop mountain bike routes around Jedburgh was proposed to the Jedburgh Community Council. Local councillors were very positive about the project and agreed that a feasibility study should be carried out to explore the idea and the first proposed routes were developed by Pete Laing (famous for designing the trails at Glentress and Innerleithen). At the time, plans were also underway to develop horse riding routes around Jedburgh, so it was decided to bring together the 2 projects into one and also make provisions for walkers. Since then, the group has expanded and over the last year, the main emphasis has been to refine the initial plans for trails and secure funding for the project. Negotiations have taken place with landowners around Jedburgh, who have been very positive about the project and allowed us to come up with a really exciting trail network.
How are we funded?

Over the last year, hard work has gone into applying for funding for the whole development of the path network. We have had great success in securing funding and to date, we have been awarded 105,000 from the following bodies:

  • Community Environmental Renewal Scheme
  • Leader+
  • Jedburgh Common Good Fund
  • Scottish Borders Council Community Support Fund
  • Rural Challenge Fund (Scottish Executive)

We have also received in kind funding from the following organisations:

  • – Digital mapping software
  • Forestry Commision Scotland

What are our aims?

By using existing paths, re-opening ancient paths and creating new sections of pathway we are aiming to:

  • To connect residential areas in Jedburgh with facilities, services and the town centre
  • To link up outlying farm communities and facilities such as local caravan parks with the services in Jedburgh
  • To provide an alternative and environmentally friendly way of getting around Jedburgh and the surrounding area
  • To allow residents and visitors a safe environment to participate in their chosen activity of walking, horse riding or cycling
  • To improve access for walkers, horse riders and cyclists around Jedburgh and allow users to take advantage of the unique countryside surrounding Jedburgh
  • To provide a unique recreational resource which will be attractive to visitors to Jedburgh who will come to use the path network

The path network

We aim to develop an exciting resource comprising of:

  • Jeddart Justice Trail – challenging cross country mountain bike route – 40km
  • 3 family cycling routes
  • 2 horse riding loops
  • 9 walking routes